Welcome to Golden Streak Group of Companies

Golden Streak is well aware that the local needs of a community are best met by close partnering with the actual user. This has been the guiding principle, which has led us to setting up and working closely with a network of offices located all over India in order to have a close feel of operations, opportunities, reactions, possibilities, real-time experience, adverse situations and their possible solutions on a real-time manner.

Further, it has been a guiding principle of Golden Streak to offer the most cost effective and best possible product for the requirement, to take care of the customers requirement and to assess and forecast on a timely basis their needs in order to be prepared to give optimum service in an ever dynamic and progressive environment.

As part of our global plans, we are looking for expansion and for opportunities where the Golden Streak Group could add value. With our proven expertise in both Formulations and Bulk Drugs, we can offer significant value additions in quality, costs and addressing of local needs.

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