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Quality Policy
1. Facilities Available 
Our plant is designed keeping the customer and products in mind and with our objective of  offering our customer a high quality product and a competetive price. All standard Quality  Control Equipment are available and services of reputed Laboratories are available. 
2. Mgt Policy
We have a very vibrant system of quality control of our products and believe that our products  need to be the very best in order to meet our customers and to give us the opportunity to grow profitably to be the best in the business.
The plant is certified under WHO GMP certification and meets all specialised requirements  specified therein. We strive to meet all requirements of Quality Management in order to offer the highest standards of Veterinary Healthcare. 
4. Other systems
As part of the ongoing process of Quality Management, improvement is continuously sought  in various parameters of Procurement, Production, Packaging, Promotion, Storage, Etc. To this end, we are adopting and adapting various Quality Syustems on regular basis. 



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